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Discover Crystal’s Day Spa

Oasis of Relaxation

Enjoy a relaxing setting while exploring all the incredible treatments offered at Crystal’s Day Spa. This Spa is a place of true relaxation, warmth, and a place devoted to calming your mind, body and soul.

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The Difference You’re Looking For

Body Massage

Relaxation Massage

45min 60min 90min 

This nourishing treatment will make you shine instantly. Discover a spa that inspires and awakens your senses within a warm and welcoming environment. Schedule your next Relaxation Massage and get ready to feel balanced and rested.

Deep Tissue Massage

45min 60min 90min 

Our popular Deep Tissue Massage is the perfect way to end a busy week. Awaken your senses and renew your soul with this treatment that encourages a healing response deep within your body’s system.

Benefits of Massage Therapy: Reduces stress, relieves pain & muscle tension, boosts relaxation & energy, strengthen immune system, improves sleep, lifts mood, and scares away headaches and migraines. 

Energy Healing
Body Healing

Foot Reflexology


Clear some time from your busy schedule for self-pampering with our indulging Foot Reflexology. At Crystal’s Day Spa we offer a palette of exceptional experiences to take care of all your self-care needs. Reward yourself—book your next Foot Reflexology today.

Cupping Therapy 

30min 45min 60min 

Cupping increases blood circulation to the area where the cups are placed. This relieves muscle tension, which improves overall blood flow and promotes cell repair. It also helps form new connective tissues and create new blood vessels in the tissue. 

Benefits of cupping: Promotes the skin’s blood flow, changes the skin’s biomechanical properties, increases pain thresholds, improves local anaerobic (without oxygen), reduces inflammation, boosts cellular immunity. 


Lash Lift & Tint 


Lash lift and tints are a great way to add a natural curl and darker colour to your eyelashes without applying extensions. Lash lifts use a flexible silicone mold to curl your natural lashes from the base to the tip creating incredible natural volume. A tint is added to darken your eyelashes, giving you weeks of dark, full lashes. 

Laser Hair Removal 


Laser hair removal treatment is a non-invasive procedure, that uses light energy (laser beam) that’s absorbed by the hair melanin (dark colour) and converts to heat energy. The heat reaches the hair root and safely destroys the unwanted hair follicle leaving the surrounding tissue and skin unharmed. However, laser light can destroy hair follicles only in their anagen phase (growing stage). Not all of your hairs are in anagen phase at one time, so to get an effective hair reduction it requires a series of laser hair removal treatments to catch the full hair growth cycle. For the very best hair reduction results we suggest a minimum course of 6 to 8 treatments to see a satisfying hair reduction result.

*Results may vary for individual face or body.


Teeth Whitening 


The procedure is carried out using a special LED lamp that does not damage the tooth enamel at all. The LED teeth whitening procedure includes applying a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. Under the LED rays, oxygen is activated oxidizing the unwanted pigment of teeth to increase the whitening process without any radiating heat to the teeth. 

Ear Candling 


Ear candling is an alternative practice that creates a vacuum, drawing wax and debris out of the lower ear canal which can appear as a dark residue. It’s completely relaxing and an exclusive treatment. 

Benefits include: Removes access ear wax, improves hearing, reduce pain from headaches, helps swimmers ear & ear infections, reduces Tinnitus (ringing in the ear), aids with sinus infections, cold or flu, relieves sore throats and improves overall well being. 

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The Spa Overview

Destressing Has Never Been So Simple

Crystal’s Day Spa is a haven for reflection, wellness and inner discovery. Since opened in 2013, we've been delivering outstanding experiences in the most professional manner possible. We invite you to enjoy a variety of soothing treatments, to make each visit nurturing and rewarding. Book your reservation—your journey to relaxation starts now.

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Crystal is very professional and knowledgable. I suffer with spinal stenosis and have a physical job, she always makes me feel relieved once leaving her appointment. I highly recommend her as she triggers the areas that need some TLC.

Lisa L. 

I had the most amazing massage by Crystal in the comfort of my own home!  She helped with my circulation issues and my sore arm.  I can’t wait for my next massage with her!

Tammy S. 

Very good experience, highly recommended for  both someone looking for a relaxing reduction of stress from body and mind or a more athletic deep tissue therapy

Adam G. 

Would like to give a review of Crystal’s massages…Outstanding! I have received several massages now from Crystal and have never been disappointed! I’ve found her to be punctual, focused, and a joy to be around.I love that it’s not a set routine(ie. exact same massage every time).Her abililty to adjust her movements to what works for you is great.Love that she uses long,slow motions and not a “choppy” massage.As she has gotten familiar with my aches and woes, and what I like, I just say “zen me out and do your thing!”, and she never disappoints!I’ve had hundreds of massages in my life and Crystal’s massages are right up there with the best!The fact that she continues to adapt a learn new movements is a testament to her goal of customer satisfaction.If you haven’t had a massage from Crystal… What are you waiting for!I would HIGHLY recommend her! 

Peter C. 

Crystal is amazing at what she does!!! I get massages from her regularly. She is also very knowledgeable and listens to you! So comfortable around her and the presence she delivers 👏❤️

Lauren T. 

Crystal’s day spa is an excellent getaway from the hustle and bustle of our busy days. She takes her time to tend to your needs and offers solutions to sustain and maintain our well being. I highly recommend her services, to anyone looking for a great massage. 

Vibol P. 

Crystal’s Day Spa is an Amazing & Powerful Experience. She is fantastic massage therapist with a Physiotherapy background. I have been suffering from on going Sciatic pain for quite sometime, and she has help me tremendously over the past month. In addition to therapeutic knowledge and strength, she also provides positive energy, motivation and all around bright outlook on life. As a client her Vibe and Energy is worth taking in, and learning from. Remarkably soothing touch and pure relaxation when truly needed. A Truly Gifted Practitioner. I feel lucky & grateful I found her after many years and many other Therapist. 5 Stars is not enough. I feel when I leave her session Positive, Motivated and Clarity.Once you replace Negative Energy with Positive Energy - which I have experimented with Crystal, You’ll start having Positive Results!

Dave M. 

She is very professional and her massage technique is one of the best in town. I totally recommend her!

Ed L. 

Very professional and friendly young lady who provides excellent massage in your home at a reasonable price. Highly  recommended for soar aching muscles.

Raymond L. 

Crystals massages are absolutely amazing.  Her attention to detail is outstanding!!!! 
She doesn't rush and makes sure that you as the client is 100 % satisfied. 👍👍👍
Would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family as I have and will continue to do so. Props to you Crystal 👍

I actually make a point to book 12 months in advance ( every month) as she is sought after with her clientele and want to ensure that I am pre-booked for the entire year out.  
Thanks again Crystal you are a Majician!!!

Dwayne N. 

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